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Your Tax Dollars are Being Wasted

Working for the government has given me a great insight on how we spend tax payer dollars.  It's where I first learned about use it or lose it spending.  That's the form of budgeting that forces government offices to spend their entire budgets by the end of the fiscal year or risk losing that portion in the following year's budget.  This leads to frantic shopping sprees during the last couple of weeks of every September, buying everything from the most expensive office furniture money can buy to millions of dollars worth of artwork.

I remember looking at my pay stub and seeing all the money that was being taken out for taxes.  I had hoped it was going somewhere needed, because if not, I sure as heck needed.  It turned out, a good deal of it was just being flushed down the toilet... and the same is happening to all of you.  They take your money and flush it down the toilet.

It's shameful that our veterans are dying waiting for care, while the VA is spending tens of millions of dollars on artwork to avoid losing money in next year's budget. 

Use it or lose it budgeting also leads to enormous fraud, with much of this must spend money being funneled to family and friends.

This practice of budgeting must be stopped!  Government offices should be rewarded for saving money and being efficient, not punished.

As your Congressman, I will propose legislation that puts an end to this fraud, waste, and abuse for good.  We all hate paying taxes, but knowing the government is taking money from you and just throwing it away makes it much worse.

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