“Brian Rose is the Republican South Mississippi needs.  He will fight against out of control spending and put a stop to the funding of the liberal agenda by career politicians like Steven Palazzo.”


Keep More of the Money You Earn Each Week

Our government is spending money that does not need to be spent.  It's fraudulent, irresponsible, and down right shameful.

The money being taken from the paychecks of working Americans should be handled with the utmost respect, but that is not the case.  Instead, career politicians are bowing down to their corporate donors and spending your money like it's their own.  And our current Congressman is leading the way.

One way to curb spending is to balance our budget.  If we required the government to only spend what it takes in, that would ensure we do not drive our country further into debt.  There are some programs we fund that the country simply cannot afford and a balanced budget requirement will force Congress to make cuts they have previously been able to sidestep.

We are already $20 trillion in debt and, each year, we add more and more debt.  This is not fair to our children and their children, who will be responsible for paying this debt with higher taxes.

As your Congressman, I will lead the charge towards a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. 

I will also lead the charge towards lowering your tax burdens.  I am a proponent of Ted Cruz' Simple Flat Tax plan, which would eliminate the current seven rates of personal income tax and replace them with a flat ten percent rate.  Under this plan, almost all middle class families would see an instant increase in the amount of money they get to keep from their paychecks.

It's time for the People to remind the government who they work for and whose money they are spending.

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