“Brian Rose is the Republican South Mississippi needs.  He will fight against out of control spending and put a stop to the funding of the liberal agenda by career politicians like Steven Palazzo.”


How Steven Palazzo is Lying to Us

Every couple of years, Steven Palazzo breezes into town to tell you how he is fighting for South Mississippi. 

He'll tell you that he voted to repeal or defund Obamacare dozens of times.  He'll tell you how he is protecting our gun rights and authoring resolutions to censure the president for overbearing executive orders.  He'll tell you how he's fighting to put an end to taxpayer funded abortion.

And it's all pure deception.

Like many career politicians, Palazzo will campaign one way and then do the exact opposite in Washington.  His sleight of hand trickery needs to come to an end.

Steven Palazzo may say he's against Obamacare, gun control, taxpayer funded abortion, and even amnesty for illegal immigrants, but the fact is that he funded it all.  He didn't just vote yes to the spending bills that fund these programs, he became the spokesman for the bills.  As the Assistant Whip, his job was to convince other Republicans to fund these things, too.

I've heard Steven Palazzo's excuse for funding Obama's agenda and you'll most likely hear it again this year.  Steven says he votes for Obama's agenda, because "the people of South Mississippi didn't send me to Washington to shut the government down."  Well, Steven, THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH MISSISSIPPI SURE AS HECK DIDN'T SEND YOU TO WASHINGTON TO FUND ABORTION, DOUBLE OUR HEALTHCARE PREMIUMS, AND RAISE OUR TAXES!

I don't know Steven personally.  For all I know he's a nice guy.  This campaign isn't about berating him personally.  This campaign is about holding Steven Palazzo accountable for the promises he broke to the people of South Mississippi.

For the past six years, Steven Palazzo has used your tax dollars to fully fund everything President Obama has asked for and - if we let him - he will continue to attach himself to the same big government, big spending bills that have gotte our country into 20 trillion dollars of debt.

Our privacy is another campaign punchline for Palazzo. 

On his website, he writes, "Any retreat or surrender of our liberties is a subversion of the Constitution and the principles established by the founders of our nation," but his voting record paints an entirely different picture.

Palazzo voted AGAINST a bill that would limit surveillance of U.S. citizens.  The bill would have also prevented the NSA from requesting backdoor access be built into private products, like your cell phone.  (H.Amdt. 503 to H.R. 2685)

Palazzo voted YES to a security act designed to increase the amount private information companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Yahoo share with the government.  Freedom Works says "the privacy loopholes in this bill turn it from a 'cybersecurity' bill to a 'cyberSURVEILLANCE' bill."  (H.R. 1560)

Perhaps the worst part is that Palazzo doesn’t give the people of South Mississippi the opportunity to confront him about these votes.  While other Congressman, across the country, are holding frequent town hall meetings, Palazzo avoids us at all costs.  He doesn’t take questions and he refuses to debate his opponents.  He is scared - and with a voting record like his, we can understand why.

How do we stop Steven Palazzo from continuing to deceive the people of South Mississippi?  It’s simple: We vote against him in the Republican Primary.  That is the ONLY way we will rid ourselves of this career politician.

The people of South Mississippi deserve better.  We deserve a Congressman who will uphold our conservative values.  We deserve a Congressman that will put the people of South Mississippi before his own career.

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