Gulfport, MS — Republican Congressional Candidate E. Brian Rose announced today a debate between himself and Rep. Steven Palazzo will take place in the weeks leading up to the June 5th Republican Primary Election. The outcome of that election will determine who the GOP candidate will be for Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District.

The debate will be facilitated by the Harrison County Republican Club. Earlier this week, Rose accepted the invitation by club president Dan Carr. Carr later confirmed Palazzo has also accepted and would be following up this week to finalize details.
Rose, who announced his candidacy just one week after Palazzo was reelected in 2016, has spent the last year exposing inconsistencies between Palazzo’s campaign promises and the way he votes in Washington. “I am excited the people of South Mississippi will get to see the contrast between the two candidates and have the opportunity to make an informed decision at June 5th election,” Rose said. “The people of South Mississippi were promised small government, but were forced to swallow more of the Pelosi-Obama liberal agenda.”
During his tenure, Palazzo votes have been responsible for adding $7 trillion to the national debt, expanding Obamacare, funding Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, and facilitating amnesty programs for illegal immigrants.
The debate is scheduled for May 2018.


Gulfport, MS – March 23, 2018 — Hours after voting to pass one of the largest spending bills in U.S. history, Rep. Steven Palazzo withdrew his commitment to debate Republican challenger E. Brian Rose.

Palazzo campaign manager Steve Moore delivered the message to Harrison County Republican Club President Dan Carr.

In January, Palazzo personally committed to Carr that he would debate Rose in May, just weeks before the June 5th Republican Primary Election, but failed to follow up and provide a specific date.

Rose, who urged Palazzo not to vote yes to the spending bill, has built a large social media following by pointing out the pitfalls of Palazzo’s tenure. He says Palazzo has failed as a Republican.

“Year after year, Steven promises to follow the Republican platform, but delivers the exact opposite in Washington. This week’s omnibus spending bill vote was another gross example,” Rose said. “You can’t say you are pro-life, then fund Planned Parenthood. You can’t say you are for small government, then add trillions to the national debt. You can’t say you’re a conservative, then vote like a liberal Democrat.”

Rose, a resident of Ocean Springs, has been traveling across the district offering his ideas for fixing the government. He says he does not believe Steven Palazzo is a conservative and his record proves it.

This is not the only time Palazzo has avoided talking about his record. Despite pressure from Mississippi constituents, he has not held a live town hall meeting in nearly six years. He has never debated a challenger.

When news of his accepting the invitation to debate Rose broke in January, many on social media predicted the Congressman would eventually back out.

Rose and Palazzo are the only two Republicans on the June 5th Primary Election ballot. The winner of that race will face a Democrat opponent in November’s General Election.