“Brian Rose is the Republican South Mississippi needs.  He will fight against out of control spending and put a stop to the funding of the liberal agenda by career politicians like Steven Palazzo.”


About E. Brian Rose

E. Brian Rose for United States Congress

E. Brian Rose is a United States Combat Veteran, entrepreneur, best selling author, and philanthropist who is dedicated to fighting for government accountability, lower taxes, and protecting the rights of the people of South Mississippi.

It was Uncle Sam that first brought "EBR" to South Mississippi in 1991.  As a member of Keesler Air Force Base's elite Combat Camera Squadron, he trained with Army Rangers at Fort Benning, Navy SEALS in Little Rock, and Green Berets in Spokane. 

somaliaIn 1993, he served as a crew member in missions that flew into war torn Bosnia and Former Yugoslavia.  Later that year, he was deployed with the Army's 10th Mountain Division to the battlefields of Mogadishu Somalia in support of OPERATION Restore Hope, where he earned several decorations for meritorious service.  Following active duty, EBR made South Mississippi his permanent home and continued to serve in the Mississippi Air National Guard.

After being honorably discharged from the military, he worked as a Viz Lab specialist in the Naval Oceanographic Office and in support of the DoD's Major Shared Resource Center at Stennis Space Center.  It was during his time as a government contractor that EBR first realized this nation had a spending problem.  He witnessed, first hand, the enormous amounts of tax dollars being spent just for the sake of spending.  It was then that he vowed to one day lead the fight to ending to the wasteful practice of "use it or lose it" budgeting.

From his cubicle at Stennis, EBR foresaw that the future of business would revolve around the Internet.  He spent the next decade learning the latest technologies and helping businesses put them to use.  Eventually, he founded a software platform that allowed ordinary people to easily start online businesses.  In its first four years, that platform was directly responsible for over a quarter billion dollars in revenue being generated by its members.  EBR not only created jobs, he made it possible for others to be job creators, as well.  In 2016, his business was recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America.

EBR teaches online strategies to large audiences throughout the country.  He has taught executives of some of the worlds largest companies.  In 2015, he had the honor of being  a keynote speaker at Harvard University.

From giving speeches on Conservative values to campaigning for Donald Trump, EBR is very active in the Republican community and was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Jackson County Republican Club.

Embracing the opportunity to give back, he raises funds for various charities, including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and high school programs that teach entrepreneurship skills to our nation's youth.

EBR is married to Heather, owner of Heather Lynne Boutique in Ocean Springs.  Together, they have three children and three crazy dogs

Serving America is in the blood of E. Brian Rose and, in Congress, he will represent South Mississippi with honor and integrity.



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