“E. Brian Rose is the Republican South Mississippi needs.  He will fight against out of control spending and put a stop to the funding of the liberal agenda by career politicians like Steven Palazzo.”


The $5 Internet Marketer Challenge!


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Washington to SAVE our industry!

Many of you have already donated tens or hundreds of dollars, but campaigns work on $5 donations, too!  Your Five Bucks will help  send one of our own to Washington!


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Our Industry Needs E. Brian Rose in Congress!

Help us to Drain the Swamp in Washington.  This campaign relies on contributions from Patriots, like you, that want to replace corrupt career politicians in Congress.

A large part of my agenda is to bring light to the important issues surrounding Online Commerce.  Once in Washington, I will work with other members of Congress to ensure a clear path for online businesses to succeed and not be hindered by regulations that prevent businesses like yours to flourish.

I will also fight to ensure every Constitutional right guaranteed to citizens and businesses offline are extended to the online world. This means your data must remain private and, in the absence of a warrant, government should have no access to your personal information or the data of your customers.

I am personally asking that you join other online business owners in the effort to send the nation's first eCommerce expert to Congress.  Your campaign contribution will go a long way in bringing light to the important issues that face online businesses.  We can win this battle, but we need your support.

Are you ready to help send one of our own to Washington?


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